The four major life path insurance policies that you deserve to master

Million Dollar Medical Insurance

First of all, let’s talk about the Million Dollar Medical Insurance.

Why talk about a million medical insurance?

Because this thing is cost-effective is really high, 30-year-old adults, more than 300 yuan of insurance costs can pry a couple of million medical costs, is not worth doing as their first commercial insurance?

But this thing is cost-effective is also its axiom, after all, he is to pay a year to protect a year, or belong to the expense reimbursement type, that is, you spend is how much, in addition to the deductible (yes, there is a deductible limit, usually 10,000 yuan) and then let you report is how much.

The content is also limited to expenses related to medical treatment,Voluntary health insurance with known pre-existing diseases(自願醫保已知已有疾病) and you have to pay for the rest, such as travel expenses and meals.

In which, most of the millions of medical insurance to ensure the hospital outpatient is the general department of the second-class tertiary hospital, for some higher requirements, the general million medical insurance or can not cover.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to afford it.

The actual cost of this type of medical insurance is also really cost effective.

Critical Illness Insurance

The insurance is different from the million dollar medical insurance, it is a kind of commercial insurance, only need to do the contract book compensation standards, car insurance company will also compensate the corresponding insurance amount.

If you are hospitalized, the medical expenses will be covered by your medical insurance.

The remaining damage, for example, loss of work due to serious illness, no income from this part of the damage can be filled with critical illness insurance, which is also the greater effectiveness of critical illness insurance.

Therefore, from the effectiveness of critical illness insurance, it can also be seen that the amount of insurance that should be bought for critical illness insurance is linked to the income, rather than just pursuing the perfect high insurance amount.

The actual fact is that you can get rid of the cost budget to talk about the insurance amount of personal behavior, are called to play a bummer.

In addition, if you are worried about the second time to get sick heavy, car insurance companies will also give multiple billing critical illness insurance, or can additional cancer disease secondary compensation and other roles.

Not only that, but today’s market major illness insurance is generally additional minor illnesses, intermediate illness compensation, can be said to ensure a full range.

The average 30-year-old man, 300,000 insurance amount, insured for life, 20 years to pay, only 4,000 to 5,000 yuan a year, and these thousands of dollars can pry up 300,000 discretionary income compensation.

This is cost-effective, and it’s a great deal!

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a very good understanding of the content of the beneficiary’s own body as the target, the death or total disability within a certain period, the amount of life insurance compensation.

For example, if a 30 year old man buys a $1 million term life insurance policy for 30 years, then if he dies or becomes totally disabled before the age of 60, his loved ones will be paid $1 million.

If catastrophic illness insurance is about income compensation, then term life insurance is heavily about compensation to the family.

Why is that?

For example, if the family’s economic development supports a major illness, after treatment and cure, he can still turn into the backbone of the family and generate an endless stream of income to the family.

But in case he passes away tragically, then it is a big blow to the other members of the family, leaving a series of problems such as child rearing, elderly support, and even housing loans, etc. At this moment a full term life insurance can help a family out of a difficult situation.

As you can see, the primary effect of term life insurance is to cover the economic development obligations of the family, and economic development supporters must have a term life insurance policy of their own.

Although the price of term life is a bit more expensive compared to the million dollar medical insurance, it can still ensure that ten thousand dollars is equipped with the norm of a million dollar insurance amount and the price is in the effective range.

In addition, term life insurance is popular in two ways: one is a budget fixed life, and one is a reduced value life.

The content is also very good to understand, assuming that Mr. Liu bought a fixed life of 1 million, budget fixed life means that the following amount of insurance for each year is all 1 million will not change, reduced value life is each year on the basic insurance amount of 50,000, that is, the second year 950,000, the third year 900,000, and so on, and finally remain in a stable value.

Accident Insurance

I firmly believe that we have seen the airline accident insurance, vehicle accident insurance, travel accident insurance and such.

There is no mistake, this is all accident insurance, but the accident insurance I am talking about here includes a little more comprehensive information.

The key division into accidental death, accidental disability, accidental medical treatment.

Here we have to remind you that accident insurance only pays for accidents, death or medical expenses caused by illness is not covered by accident insurance.

The accidental disability is a unique guarantee of the accident insurance, according to the level of injury, according to the proportion of compensation.

The primary function of accidental medical care is to reimburse the cost of medical treatment caused by an accident, such as accidental falls and hospitalization for bone fractures, which can be reimbursed by accidental medical insurance.

The cost reimbursement threshold is relatively low, usually the deductible is only 100 yuan or simply no 0 deductible, like some bruises and knocks do not reach the million medical insurance deductible threshold of more than 10,000 yuan, accidental medical care can be completely guaranteed.

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